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At Epicare Health we care.


We believe in empowering our patients to achieve good health and a better quality of life.


Our aim is to provide continuous support to our patients throughout their journey of health betterment. Our services are based on evidence backed by approved health authorities and are directly in line with NHS England strategy of preventing ill health.

The Team
anil director / superintendent pharmacist team member
Anil K. Chopra, MPharm

Director/ Superintendent Pharmacist

asim director / pharmacist manager team member
Asim Thapa, MPharm

Director/ Pharmacist Manager

Ash pharmacy assistant team member
Ashis Rai

Pharmacy Assistant

Bidev pharmacy assistant team member
Bidev Thapa

Pharmacy Assistant

Moyo pharmacy assistant team member
Moyo Ogunrombi
Pharmacy Assistant
Fiona pharmacy assistant team member
Fiona Rai

Pharmacy Assistant

Latest News:
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