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Contraception Service

Contraception Service

Contraception Service

The service provides a consultation with a pharmacist where you can discuss contraceptive options and reached a shared decision about the first supply of the pill. The consultation may require BMI and blood pressure measurements to be taken. Once you have a reached a decision about the first supply or continuation of current oral contraception, the supply will be ongoing.

Please click here for more information on NHS contraception services.


There are two types of oral contraceptives that are offered:

·         Progestogen Only Contraceptive Pill (POP)

·         Combination Only Hormonal Contraceptive (COC)

Upon booking an appointment you are required to fill out the form which will be included in the confirmation email (in the form of a link).

This appointment does not guarantee you will be prescribed medication, this is dependent on the pharmacists opinion as to the whether it is suitable.

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