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Urine and Stool Tests

Urine and stool tests offer valuable insights into your health. These tests can identify the presence of bacteria, viruses, and toxic elements in the digestive or urinary system, which can help diagnosis of various health conditions conditions including: infections, inflammatory bowel disease, and kidney disease. They can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and track the progression of certain conditions.

Sugars Chromatography (stool)

Stool Secretory IgA

Stool Chemisty Panel

Urea (Urine)

Protein/Creatinine Ratio

Mycotoxins Screen

Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio

Methylmalonic Acid (Urine)

Iodine (Urine)

Indicans (Urine)

Glyphosate (Urine)

Fluoride (Urine)

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