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Hepatitis B Core Total Antibodies


Hepatitis B Core Total Antibodies

Hepatitis B Core Total Antibodies

This is a blood test for Hepatitis B Core Total Antibodies. This involves testing 3 parts which include HBsAg, HBsAb and HBcAb. All three test results are needed to fully understand whether a person is infected or not.

If your HBsAg test is positive, it means you have a hepatitis B infection and can spread it to others through your blood. Further testing is needed to determine if it's a new or chronic infection.

If your anti-HBs (or HBsAb) test is positive, it means you're protected against hepatitis B. This can be from the vaccine or recovering from a past infection. You're immune and cannot be infected or spread hepatitis B.

If your anti-HBc (or HBcAb) test is positive, it means you had or currently have hepatitis B. The core antibody doesn't provide protection like the surface antibody. To fully understand the results, talk to your healthcare provider for an explanation of your hepatitis B status.



  • Hepatitis B Core Total Antibodies.

Turnaround time:

2-5 Working Days

If you require same day results, an extra payment of £20 can ensure you get your results by midnight on the day of testing; this is Subject to availability and turn around times. Please email or call us on 01793 535041 to enquire.


This service is only available to the age of 16 and above.

Furthermore, Any Cancellation within 48 hours prior to appointment will incur a charge of 20% of total service cost.

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