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Diabetic Profile 1


Diabetic Profile 1

Diabetic Profile 1

This test checks your levels of HbA1c and Glucose. This biomarker is used to confirm whether you have (or are at risk of developing) diabetes. It is a potentially life-saving test and it is quite common for people have diabetes and not know about it. Unmanaged or undiagnosed diabetes is one of the leading causes of mortality. For anyone who already knows they have diabetes, regular HbA1c checks are essential to monitor progress.



HbA1c (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) Glucose (a kind of sugar) builds up in the blood and binds to the haemoglobin in the red blood cells. A Haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test is used to measure the average level of blood glucose over the past two to three months and is commonly used to diagnose and monitor diabetes.

Glucose  A blood glucose test screens for diabetes by measuring the level of glucose (sugar) in a person’s blood. A high range could indicate pre diabetes or diabetes. A glucose test is also used to monitor glucose control for those people who are already known to have diabetes.

Turnaround time:

2-5 Working Days

If you require same day results, an extra payment of £20 can ensure you get your results by midnight on the day of testing; this is Subject to availability and turn around times. Please email or call us on 01793 535041 to enquire.


This service is only available to the age of 16 and above.

Furthermore, Any Cancellation within 48 hours prior to appointment will incur a charge of 20% of total service cost.

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