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Female Tumour Markers


Female Tumour Markers

Female Tumour Markers

Female tumour marker test can check levels of tumour markers in your blood, this can be an indication of cancers and your risk of. However, results are not diagnostic and high levels of these biomarkers can be caused by other conditions.



CA15-3 is a protein made in a variety of cells, particularly breast cancer cells. this is a good biomarker to monitor patients treatment or see if the cancer is recurring. this is not a good diagnostic test.

CA19-9 can be used as an indication for pancreatic cancer, healthy people have very low levels of CA19-9 in their blood. High levels could be an indication of disease; however, it can also be a sign of other cancers and conditions.

CA125 can be used to monitor certain cancers, and can be used as a test for early signs of the disease in high risk people.

Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA) can be an indication of certain types of cancer, but levels may also be raised in non cancerous conditions such as liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) is a protein found in fetus's, in adults levels in the blood should be very low, higher levels in adults can be an indication of liver cancer or sperm cell tumours of the testicles and ovaries.

Turnaround time:

2-5 Working Days

If you require same day results, an extra payment of £20 can ensure you get your results by midnight on the day of testing; this is Subject to availability and turn around times. Please email or call us on 01793 535041 to enquire.


This service is only available to the age of 16 and above.

Furthermore, Any Cancellation within 48 hours prior to appointment will incur a charge of 20% of total service cost.

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